John Marshall Media is The World’s Largest Independent Producer of AudioBooks. Over the last 20 years we have produced, edited and/or recorded thousands of audiobooks for the best publishers in the industry. Our productions have won three Grammys and tons of Audie Awards.

Our client list includes:

  • innovative workflow and seamless execution.

  • Harper Collins

  • Macmillan Audio

  • Random House

  • Brilliance Audio

  • Simon and Schuster

  • Highbridge Audio

  • Disney

  • Scholastic

and many others.

Our New York City based facility gives us access to the finest talent in the world, and our innovativeness allows us to keep costs down by sourcing post production and quality control both in-house and Midwest based employees.

Unparalleled Quality Control

Consistent quality has been the secret of making John Marshall Media the best, and biggest, in the industry. Our clients come to us because they know:

“When you hire John Marshall Media, it’ll be done right every time.”


John Marshall Media offers many different services to meet every publisher’s specific needs. Whether you need All-In Production, Home Studio Production, Recording Studio Only, Audio Book Directors, Post Production, Quality Control, we can take care of your needs, and do it better than anyone.

All-In Production

John Marshall Media specializes in total, Casting to Final Delivery productions. Our biggest customers are the ones with lean in-house staffs, who need to do large volumes of work, on a budget, and with reliable excellence. These customers know that they can send us a script, let us know their budget and deadline, and we’ll cast, research, record, edit, qc and deliver an excellent production, worry free. Let us know if we can do the same for you.

Home Studio Productions

We have a carefully selected network of over 60 excellent, reliable Audio Book narrators with high quality recording booths in their homes. We have carefully vetted each narrator for their acting ability, efficiency, recording quality and reliability. And we monitor their quality and help them improve all the time. After you send us the script we will discuss casting with you, schedule the recording and handle all payments and paperwork. After the talent has recorded it’s delivered to our post production facility for editing, mastering and QC, to make sure that your Home Studio Productions are the highest quality possible with minimal fuss and uncertainty on the publisher’s part.

Recording Studio Rentals

If you simply need to rent the best audio book studio in the business for your production, you can rent one of John Marshall Media’s four State of the Art Recording Studios which are all specifically designed to record audio books. Three of our rooms feature large producer’s desks with plenty of room for your director and/or VIPs to spread out, and our 4th is an efficient actor and engineer room.

When the top publishers record their biggest authors and celebrities, John Marshall Media is their first choice. We have recorded:

  • Kim Kardashian

  • Meryl Streep

  • Richard Gere

  • Regis Philbin

  • Michael J Fox

  • Al Franken

  • Paul Schaffer

  • Judy Collins

  • Sherri Shepherd

and many more.

Studio Equipment

Each room is equipped with IAC Recording booths, which provide superlative isolation with total “room within a room” design for maximum isolation. Each recording studio features identical microphones and electronics, right down to the mic cables including:

  • Neumann U87ai

  • Neumann Set Z Mic Cables

  • Apogee Analog to Digital Converters

  • Lucent Word Clocks

  • Apogee Digital Cabling

  • DAWs include Pro Tools, Reaper and Sony Vegas

Directing and Producing

Our staff has directed and recorded hundreds of audio books in almost all capacities: serving as an engineer, learning from the best directors in the business, as director/engineers or as the director themselves. No one has more experience dealing with talent and authors in the recording studio. If you need a director, or a Producer to give a title individual attention from start to finish, no one has more experience.

Post Production and Quality Control