Company Information

  • innovative workflow and seamless execution.

  • cost efficiency.

  • the safest sound.

  • a staff of seasoned experts .

Innovative workflow and seamless execution

With our unique, cost-effective workflow, John Marshall Media can turn on a dime. We tailor solutions for specific projects, devising new software and processes in-house to maintain the highest quality while keeping budgets down.

We work on a streamlined “movie-style” scheduling system, maximizing the time that actors spend in studio.

Throughout any given project, we stick to extensive internal quality-assurance procedures, giving every project a second set of fresh ears before delivery. Clients repeatedly say that our work is the cleanest they’ve ever received.

Cost Efficiency

Competitive pricing is another John Marshall Media hallmark. Our staff expertise and relentless quality-assurance procedures ensure that projects come in on budget.

New clients are sometimes surprised by the reasonable cost. In our case, the workflow efficiency that comes with expertise also keeps final rates down. As one of our loyal customers put it, “they use Broadway actors and beat my Midwest studios on price.”

The Safest Sound

We’re the best in the business for data redundancy;
every project gets museum-quality archiving. Within twenty-four hours after a given session, the data exists on seven different drives and in two physical locations. Even if a server goes down or a blackout hits in the middle of the night, you won’t lose a second of your session.

A Staff of Seasoned Experts

We have a dozen full-time employees, plus a roster of regular hired guns, making us the industry’s largest independent audio post-production house. Our level of expertise, along with our size, makes us unique in the business. With years of training and a deep institutional memory, our staff produces flawless work quickly and on budget.

Our ears stay open beyond the recording studio. We listen carefully to our clients but also to the concerns and ideas of other education professionals. Our entire staff is plugged into a digital “listening post” for social media, following conversations on ESL, FLT, talking eBooks and more. This gives us an unparalleled understanding of the education sector.

Founder and CEO John Cheary also attends conferences and major educational trade shows in the U.S. and the U.K., regularly meeting with education publishers.