Gender - Male
Age - Middle Adult
Language - English (US)
Accents - American (General), Australian, Caribbean, Chinese, European (Eastern), European (Western), French (Accent), German, Hispanic, Indian (East), Indian (General), Irish (General), Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Latino/Central or South American, Mexican, Middle Eastern, New Zealand, Norwegian, Russian, Scottish, South African, Spanish, Welsh, West Indian, Yiddish/Jewish,

Roger Wayne

Professional VO actor for over 10 years. Served as a broadcast journalist in the Air Force in South Korea, where I created my own commercials, had a radio show and produced all of my own news stories, all voiced by me. Won several awards.. Have worked in the commercial market of VO for over 7 years now, doing all things audio, along with stage, film, and TV. Based out of NYC and I have a wonderful home setup for audio. Currently have the #1 best-selling non-fiction book right now on Audible.

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